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Sugar’s Home Plate was located in the heart of downtown Overton, Nevada. It wasn’t just a local favorite place to eat, but was also a popular destination of visitors in the area. Known for their generous portions of delicious comfort food, it was home to the sports memorabilia you’ll find on this site.

Owners Ray and Judy Metz opened Sugar’s Home Plate in 1991 and named it after Ray’s nickname (as in “Sugar Ray” Robinson). Having moved from California, the Metz’ were lifelong Dodger fans. Their restaurant’s display included a photograph of Tommy Lasorda and former president Ronald Reagan autographed to “Sugar” Ray Metz by Lasorda; a No. 44 jersey worn by Mickey Hatcher; and an autographed Steve Sax poster.

As with all things, time brings change. Sugar’s Home Plate has closed, but the building remains and it is now Criss Angel’s CABLP. Although there’s a fabulous new owner, a totally new look, and a new groovy vibe, the building holds many fond memories for many in and around Overton as once the home of the iconic Sugar’s Home Plate Restaurant and Sports Memorabilia. With the closing of their restaurant, the Metz’ have opened the door for individuals who want to hold on to a piece of history, by offering up their collection of memorabilia for sale.

Now’s your chance, don’t let it slip away!
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